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May 28, 2023

2016-2017 Student/Parent Handbook

 Message from the Pastors


Dear Parents and Families of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School,



Thank you for giving your child the gift of Catholic education.


Our community has many schools that offer good academic programs. You have chosen to send your child to a Catholic school because we offer not only excellent opportunities, but because of the faith-filled environment it provides. Our foremost goal as a Catholic school is to lead our children closer to Christ through prayer, regular Mass attendance, religious instruction, character & virtue development and, most importantly, teaching them to live and love their faith.


This handbook has been prepared to help our staff, students and families understand the expectations at STSJP.  These expectations are based on our desire to help our students and their families to be worthy when God calls each of them.


Parents are the first and greatest teachers of their children. Your child’s acceptance of the rules and policies of our school, and of the values of our faith, is ultimately dependent on your own acceptance. It is of utmost importance that you as a parent assist our teachers and staff in upholding the policies in this handbook.


Thank you for making the sacrifices necessary to give your child the gift of Catholic education. I pray that your child’s days at our school will be a blessing to your entire family.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, cause of our joy, pray for us.






Fr. Matthew Arbuckle                                                                        Fr. David Hasser

Pastor                                                                                      Administrator

St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church                                             St. Patrick Catholic Church









Message from the Principal


Dear Parents and Students,



“What greater work is there than training the mind and

forming the habits of the young?”

St. John Chrysostom



Welcome to Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School!  In choosing Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick, you have demonstrated a commitment to the values and philosophy of a Catholic education.


The Parent/Student Handbook reflects the policies of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please read this document carefully and sign the attached agreement.  This agreement states that you intend to abide by the policies of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School during the 2016-2017 school year.


The faculty and staff of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School look forward to working with you to promote academic excellence and spiritual development in the context of the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Together let us pray that God, who has begun this good work in us, may carry it through to completion.



In Christ’s peace,




Nick Kanable                         











Administration may amend or add policy as needed




The mission of the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Lafayette in Indiana is to partner with families in providing a Christ-centered learning environment in which all persons can grow in faith and knowledge in order to serve God in this world and be eternally happy in the next.



Modeled by the image of Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, we nurture the spiritual, academic, social, and individual potential of our students to prepare them for the challenges of today and the future. 



Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School will be a respected leader in Catholic education by excelling in the spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical development of every student.




Math:   All students improve Mathematics skills:

  • Grades 1 – 5: Number Sense and Operations (Basic Facts:  Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division) and Problem Solving
  • Grades 6 – 8:  Problem Solving


Language:  All students at STSJP will:

  • Increase their reading comprehension
  • Become fluent readers
  • Effectively respond in writing to all questions related to reading selections as appropriate to their grade levels.


Spirituality: Students deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through education, prayer and service to others.


ACADEMIC/ABILITY TESTING                                                                                   

Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School conducts standardized testing to meet the assessment/testing requirements of the Indiana Department of Education.  Students in grade 3 participate in IREAD testing through the Indiana Department of Education. Appropriate skills assessments are conducted with students in early childhood programs, kindergarten, first and second grades. Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is a member of the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana. All schools in the Diocese are accredited and as such, all students must participate in all state-wide testing.



Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is accredited by boththe Indiana Department of Education andNorth Central Association/AdvanceEd.


The principal and staff collaborate in an enhanced performance-based accreditation program through the North Central Association/AdvanceEd and work toward the implementation of school improvement plans.



The primary function of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is to teach Catholic students to live and love the Catholic faith.


Admission priority to Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is given to children of the two parishes. All other students are welcome when space is available.


The following policy is established by the School Governance Council: 

            a) If there is not sufficient space to enroll all who desire admission, first priority will

                be given to:

1. students enrolled during the previous year who submit a registration form and deposit before the priority registration deadline.

2. for students entering preschool, a corresponding priority registration deadline for members of the two sponsoring parishes will be established.

3. following the priority registration deadline, students will be enrolled in the order in which registration forms and deposits are received.

4. Once classes are filled, a waiting list will be established by grade.


            b) Enrollments may be limited to a distribution of students based on room size.


            c) All Catholic students participate fully in the religion program.  All students

                attend classes in religion and school/class liturgies.


d) Once a non-Catholic student is accepted, re-registration is not denied due to         increased class size.


            e) Students meet age requirements for kindergarten in conformity with Indiana

                school law which states a child is to be five (5) years of age by August 1.


            f) Students with disabilities are accommodated when the student can benefit

            from the school environment and academic programs provided in small and

            large instructional groups.  Neither schools nor school staffs of the Diocese of

Lafayette are equipped to provide one-to-one instruction.  If the school        administration determines that the needs of a student cannot be met by our school, admission will be denied/rescinded.


            g) All fees and tuition must be paid or arranged, as established by the School

                Governance Council, prior to enrollment for the semester.  Since both parishes

                financially support the operation of the school, families with students in the school

                are expected to support their respective parishes.


            h) Parents will accept their responsibilities as outlined in this parent/student

                handbook.  Parents are expected to be positive role models for their children.

                Catholic parents are expected to be practicing Catholics and ensure that their

                children attend Mass on the weekend.


            i) Acceptance of transfer students is evaluated on an individual basis by an

               admissions team with final approval by the principal.  Academic assessments and

               interviews will be held with incoming students in grades 3-8. Every effort will    

               be made to meet students’ needs.


j.) STSJP’s School Choice Voucher Process will be followed for families who wish to participate in this Department of Education program.




At the time of a student’s registration, each parent or guardian is to present the following:

            a) Birth Certificate

            b) Record of Immunization

            c) Baptismal Certificate, if baptized

            d) Social Security Number

            e) Health Records

            f) Court-issued custody papers, if applicable

            g) Most current grade card

Children may be unable to attend class until the record of immunization is presented.




Parents/guardians are responsible for their child until the doors open at 7:25 a.m. Students at the St. Patrick Building are to enter the front door on Armstrong Street.  The lane in front of the school is used for drop-off only.  If parents wish to accompany their child into the building foyer, please park in the lot across the street and accompany your child into the foyer.  Parents must be out of the main hallway no later than 8:00 so that students may begin the academic day. Please do not park near the Handy Hardware Building.  Cars may be towed away if parked on their lot adjacent to the south and east sides of their building.  At the St. Joan of Arc Building, students are to enter through the double door on the south side of the building or through the doors off the circular drive if arriving by bus or after the academic day has begun.  Students may  not be escorted up to the classrooms by parents at the Saint Joan of Arc building.


Security doors are located at the front door of the St. Patrick building.  Doors are locked during the school day, so parents arriving late with their child need to ring the buzzer at the security door to gain entry into the school building.  At the St. Joan of Arc campus, visitors must enter through the main door and sign the register at the School Office before going to school or parish offices. All students arriving after the start of the school day must be signed in at the school office.


Student dismissal is staggered to accommodate shuttle buses. Students may be picked up at their home campuses beginning at the 3 p.m. dismissal bell. Shuttle buses transport students between campuses as quickly as is safely possible. All students should be picked up by no later than 3:30.





Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is committed to offering a varied athletic program combining the pursuit of excellence with Christian values. Remaining mindful that the primary focus of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is striving for academic excellence, it is the parent’s responsibility to assist the student with striking a balance between academics and extracurricular activities.  Regulations are essential to the functioning of a successful program. Student athletes and their parents must commit to the following statement of shared goals.


The Sts Joan of Arc & Patrick Student-Athlete is expected to:


  1. Demonstrate Christian values while participating in the athletic program. Profanity, disrespect, and/or selfishness towards teammates, other students, staff members, referees, opposing players or coaches will not be tolerated.
  2. Be on time for all practices and games.
  3. Be properly dressed for practices and games. Team coaches will advise student-athletes of proper attire.
  4. Take full financial responsibility for any equipment or apparel issued.
  5. Make every effort to reach his/her academic potential. Academics come first at Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School; a student-athlete must be able to maintain quality work in the classroom while participating in athletics.






  1. To instill in the student-athlete a sense of responsibility by demanding consistently high standards of behavior and making him/her aware and respectful of the needs of others.
  2. To engender commitment and personal discipline by the student-athlete through his/her dedication to the goals of the team and his/her teammates.
  3. To nurture unselfishness in the student-athlete by requiring that his/her actions on and off the playing field be consistent with the goals of the team as a whole and not directed towards individual honors.
  4. To generate in the student-athlete a willingness to sacrifice his/her time and energy towards fulfillment of shared goals.
  5. To offer both competitive and recreational sports programs to provide an opportunity for all students to play and maximize their developmental skills.





Team Selection

All sports at Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School have a no cut policy.  However, a maximum number of student-athletes per sport based on schedules and availability of coaches may be established by the athletic director and principal.  In this case, the student-athlete who turns in all needed forms on time will receive priority.  Student-athletes are limited to participating in one sport per season unless special permission is granted.  All eligible student-athletes will play in all regular-season games/matches. Students must sign up for sports with required permission forms by due date stated. A physical exam by a licensed physician is required for all middle school students prior to their participation in the athletic program. Physical exams are encouraged for students in grades 4 & 5; however, parents of students in those grades may sign a Waiver of Physical Exam if they wish.


Coach Selection

The athletic director and principal will select all coaches for all teams. Assistant coaches must be approved by the principal and athletic director. Coach selection will be based upon:

  1. Philosophy in line with the School philosophy
  2. Ability to work with children
  3. Approval by Pastor or designee

Violation of any of the Athletic policies may result in immediate dismissal


Coaches’ Responsibilities
  1. All Coaches and assistant coaches must complete the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana Safe Conduct Protocol training prior to any contact with the children.
  2. Coaches must also abide by the Athletic Code of Conduct.
  3. Coaches must verify that the following items from athletes are on file with the school prior to practicing and participating in games:
    • Sports physical
    • Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School A-3 Sports Medical Information and Emergency Care Form
  4. Each coach should maintain and keep a binder containing a roster, parent contact information, physical form (if applicable), and an A-3 form for each athlete at all games/matches and practices.




Athletic/Extracurricular Eligibility

Student-athletes must have a C- (75%) average or better in every class or have special permission from the school administration.  Eligibility will be determined at the end of each quarter (grade cards).  A student who is not eligible at the end of a quarter will not gain eligibility again until midterms reflect the grades necessary for eligibility.  If a student has not re-gained eligibility at midterms, he or she remains ineligible until the next grade card reflects the grades necessary. For students receiving academic special services, all grades must be passing (no F’s).


Student-athletes with a discipline incident that is referred to the office must have permission from the school administration before they are eligible to practice or play.


 Student-athletes absent from classes will not be allowed to participate in a practice or contest the day of the absence.  Athletes must be present in school for a minimum of half day of classes the day of an athletic event:  8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. or 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m. Exceptions to the rules must be approved by the principal.



Scheduling of Games

The athletic director is responsible for coordinating the schedule including practices, games, and tournaments for all teams. Not more than 4 week days/afternoons/evenings per week (Monday through Friday) may be used for games/practices.  Additional games and/or practices may be scheduled for Saturdays.



Practices will begin no earlier than four weeks prior to the first scheduledcompetition.  Practice time will be a maximum of two hours per practice.  Practices are to be scheduled to allow for practice to end by 8:00 p.m.  Not more than 4 week days/afternoons/evenings per week (Monday through Friday) may be used for games/practices.  Additional games and/or practices may be scheduled for Saturdays.


Every effort should be made to provide a complete and detailed schedule of games and practices prior to the season.  Modifications to the schedule are highly discouraged and must be approved by the athletic director and the principal.



Uniforms, Equipment, Gym Time

The athletic director will coordinate issuance of uniforms and equipment.  All teams shall be treated as equally as possible when issuing uniforms and equipment. Boys may wear solid white, gray or black shirts under a school-issued sports jersey. Girls must wear a solid white, grayor black shirt under a school issued uniform.  No logos or pictures may be visible. Gym time will be determined based on availability and will only be scheduled by the Athletic Director.


Conflict Resolution

When serious conflicts arise between coaches and student-athletes and/or parents, the athletic director should be notified. The athletic director and coach should discuss the matter with the student-athlete and/or parents, and work toward a solution. In the event of an impasse, the matter will be referred to the principal for final resolution.


Spectator Behavior at Games

Spectators are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the Catholic School philosophy and be good role models for children at all games and practices.  Disagreements with coaches, referees or other parents must be handled in an appropriate manner.  Name-calling and loud, angry voices are not acceptable and reflect poorly on our school.  Spectators who know they become “heated” in the moment of the excitement of the game should remove themselves rather than cause embarrassment to themselves, their athlete, and the school.  A 24 hour “cooling off” period is recommended before a conversation with the coach takes place.  Decisions regarding playing time of student-athletes should be respected. 



Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

Parent/Guardian must attend a meeting at the beginning of each sports season with the coach to go over the Athletic Policy, game schedule, and practice schedule. All parents are expected to share in the responsibility of transportation to and from athletic games and tournaments.  Parents who violate any policy are subject to suspension from games.



Athletes are required to pay a $25.00 fee per year to cover cost of uniform rental, tournaments, and other athletic costs.  Payment is to accompany sports registration.  If the athletic fee is an issue, the parent/guardian should contact the principal.



In order to promote a Christian atmosphere at the games and to encourage good sportsmanship, the following two guidelines were adopted:


1) A prayer will be said at the beginning of each contest. It will be the responsibility of the athletic director or designee to bring the teams and coaches together for prayer if a priest is not available.


2)   All of our students and spectators will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike fashion at all times. Any student or spectator who is ejected from a game because of poor sportsmanship will be suspended from the following game as well.















Child's Name:  ____________________________________________________


Street Address:  ___________________________________________________


City/Zip Code:  ____________________________________________________


Home Phone:  ____________________

Work Phone:   ____________________

cell phone:       ____________________


Emergency Contact Person:  ______________________ Phone:  ___________


In the event of an accident, injury or other emergency, when a parent is not available, I hereby authorize a representative of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School to make such arrangements necessary for my child to receive medical or hospital care and transportation. Under such circumstances, I further authorize such care and treatment to be rendered by any licensed physician or surgeon. I also understand that I shall be liable for all costs incurred as a result of such care and treatment.


Medical Insurance Provider:  ___________________ Policy #:  _____________



Medical Data Pertinent to Your Child (conditions or allergies that physician should be made aware of):  _____________________________________





Parent/Guardian Name:  __________________________________________


Signature:  ______________________________________________


Relationship:  _______________________               Date:  ____________



Please return completed/signed medical form to team coaches.








Parents should notify the school by 9 a.m. if their child will be absent for all or part of the school day. Notification should include a reason for the absence.

If a pattern of absences is observed or if a student has a high number of absences, a parent conference will be required. If a student is absent for five or more consecutive school days, a doctor’s statement is required to return to school. 

Excessive Absences

If a student is absent 9 or more days during the school year, a doctor’s statement will be required for all future absences, and a parent conference may be required. The academic performance of a student who has accumulated 15 or more absences will be reviewed to determine if the child is academically ready to advance to the next grade.  After 5 or more absences or tardies a reminder note will be generated and sent home with your student.


A student who arrives after 8 a.m. is tardy for school. Parents should sign students in at the school office when tardy. If a student reaches seven tardies, a parent conference may be required.


A parent picking up a student early for a medical or dental appointment should send a note to the teacher that day. Parents must sign students out at the school office.


No student will be allowed to leave during the school day with any adult other than a parent or guardian until proper permission has been given by a parent and identification has been presented if requested.


If a student misses school due to family travel, teachers will not be expected toprepare lessons or homework in advance. Families may look at teacher websites to monitor missed work. Students will be expected to make up all missed work with one make up day for each day missed. Teachers will work with families if extra time is necessary.



Class birthday treats are permitted.  Parents are to speak to the teacher first to make arrangements.  Invitations to parties may be distributed at school if all students are invited (i.e. all boys or all girls or all in the class.)  If this is not possible, invitations may not be distributed at school.




Bullying is defined as including the following behaviors directed toward others:  talking or writing about others; drawing weapons or death pictures; using verbal threats; badgering; intimidating; singling out; continually pointing out one’s weakness; continually calling names; making fun of; encouraging others to make one an outcast.  Bullying via internet social networking sites will be subject to the same consequences as any type of bullying.  Bullying is considered grounds for suspension or expulsion.  All students have a responsibility to report bullying when they witness it.  If it is determined that a student has witnessed bullying and failed to report it, that student may face disciplinary actions.



Bus transportation is provided for the convenience of our families.  Students are to conduct themselves properly at all times while waiting for the bus and while aboard the bus.  Any student who becomes a discipline problem or jeopardizes the safety of others will visit the principal and have bus-riding privileges withdrawn.


                        Bus Rules

  1. Remain seated (back to back and seat to seat)
  2. Use reasonable volume of voice
  3. Keep hands, feet and objects to self
  4. Respect others and their property – no bullying
  5. Use appropriate language
  6. Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be used on the bus.



                        Bus Consequences

  • First offense will result in a verbal warning and/or assigned seat by bus driver
  • Second offense will result in a written warning and phone conference by principal
  • Third offense will result in a one-day suspension from bus-riding privileges by principal
  • Fourth offense will result in a one-week suspension from bus-riding privileges by principal
  • Fifth offense will result in a one-month suspension from bus-riding privileges by principal.
  • Further offenses will result ina consequence to be determined by the bus driver and principal.





Shuttle buses provide transportation between campuses before and after school. Shuttle buses leave both buildings at 7:35 a.m.






The School Business Manager, Mr. Mike Anderson, handles all school financial matters.  Mr. Anderson’s office is located i at the St. Joan of Arc campus.




Cancellation of school takes place only during circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment failure, or public crisis.  The school administration is aware of the hardship that can be caused by abrupt cancellation.  Therefore, school will not be cancelled unless a significant safety risk has been created by unusual circumstances.

Cancellation of school will be announced via Flocknote, on our school web site, and our school Facebook page as well as over radio stations:

WIOU - 1350 AM      WZWZ - 92.5 FM       WWKI - 100.5 FM     WSHW - 99.7 FM

T.V. Stations: Channels 6, 8, 13, 59

Parents are encouraged to sign up for Flocknote.


If a delay is announced and conditions worsen, a cancellation will be announced.  Please continue to listen to the radio or check our web site after a delay has been announced  Listen to the radio before leaving your children at school on a weather emergency day.


We will do our best to hold class even when weather conditions are somewhat inclement.  Our responsibility is to provide a Catholic education for children.  If Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is not cancelled or delayed and the school district in which the family resides is cancelled or delayed, please make the decision that is best for your family/situation.  We do not want anyone injured traveling to school.


In the unusual circumstance that school must be cancelled during the school day, teachers will follow the procedure that you have given them concerning your child.  Announcements will be made via the sites and stations previously listed if early dismissal occurs. Cancelled days must be made up.




Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School strives to teach and foster self-discipline for the well being of both the student and the school community and for the creation of a Christian atmosphere for learning.  The collaboration of parents, teachers and students is necessary to achieve success in this most important area of growth and development. 


In guiding the child’s growth in habits of virtue and Christian attitudes, it is helpful to emphasize the positive rather than the negative.  Students need to understand that when they choose one behavior over another they must take upon themselves the consequences of that chosen behavior.


To create and foster a positive learning atmosphere, all Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School students are expected to demonstrate increasing maturity as they develop in three important areas:


Respect                                               Spirituality                                         Responsibility


A respectful person is one who believes in the dignity and worth of individuals and acts  accordingly.  While involved in all Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School activities, students are expected to:

  • Be respectful and attentive to others’ needs;
  • Be gentle and sensitive in their attitudes toward others;
  • Play safely on the playground in designated areas;
  • Create positive solutions when resolving differences with others through conflict resolution;
  • Show common courtesies and good manners toward teachers, other adults and fellow students.


A spiritual person is defined as one who lives his or her faith.  Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School students are expected to:

  • Have a reverent attitude during prayer, prayer services and liturgy;
  • Treat religious symbols in a reverent manner;
  • Recognize and affirm the goodness of others;
  • Participate in special service projects with the parishes, school and community.


A responsible person is one who responds to meeting personal, school and community obligations.  To make school a positive learning experience, Sts. Joan of Arc &  Patrick School students are expected to:

  • Complete school work on time;
  • Follow directions;
  • Handle all school and church property with care;
  • Participate in class with attentiveness and effort.


In their effort to learn to be respectful, spiritual and responsible students may make mistakes.  Just as it is important to celebrate students’ achievements toward becoming more respectful, spiritual and responsible, it is also important for students to learn when their behavior departs from this path.  Toward that end, there will be fair and just consequences at Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School for students’ behaviors that interfere with the attainment of these goals.  Disciplinary procedures are in place to stop improper action, give students opportunity to explain and reflect on action and cause, modify and/or teach appropriate behavior and to keep concerned parties informed.




The students’ interest in receiving a quality, morally based education can be served if students, parents, and school officials work together.  Normally, differences between these individuals can be resolved.  In some instances, however, the school may find it necessary, in its discretion, to require parents/guardians to withdraw their child.


It shall be an expressed condition of enrollment that the student behaves in a manner, both on and off campus, that is consistent with the Christian principles of the school as determined by the school in its discretion.  These principles include, but are not limited to, any policies, principles, or procedures set forth in any student/parent handbook of the school. Should a revision of a policy or procedure be necessary during the school year,  it will be addressed in the monthly Parent Newsletter.


It shall be an expressed condition of enrollment that the parents/guardians of a student shall also conform themselves to standards consistent with the Christian principles of the school, as determined by the school in its discretion.  These principles include, but are not limited to, any policies, principles, or procedures set forth in any student/parent handbook of the school.


These Christian principles further include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Parents/Guardians are expected to work courteously and cooperatively with the school to assist the student in meeting the academic, moral, and behavioral expectations of the school.
  • Students and parents/guardians may respectfully express their concerns about the school operation and its personnel.  However, they may not do so in a manner that is discourteous, scandalous, rumor driven, disruptive, threatening, hostile, or divisive.


The school reserves the right to determine, in its discretion, which actions fall short of meeting the Christian principles of the school.  Failure to follow these principles will normally result in a verbal or written warning to the student and/or parent/guardian and normally will result in disciplinary action short of a requirement to withdraw from the school (e.g. suspension of student or suspension of parent/guardian’s privilege to come on campus grounds and/or participate in parish/school activities, volunteer work, etc.). 


The school reserves the right to determine, in its discretion, when conduct is of such severe nature as to warrant immediate action without a warning and/or without an intermediate step short of withdrawal.



Our school has a responsibility to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all students. In the case of severe contagious disease, strict adherence to safety measures is required.


Students diagnosed with a communicable disease can be denied attendance unless they have a physician’s statement indicating that the student does not pose a health threat to the school community.


Confidentiality with respect to students who are diagnosed with a contagious disease will be respected.



This policy is to characterize uses of the computers, computer network, servers, Internet and electronic mail within Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick Schooland to present uses of these technologies that are consistent with our mission and uses that are irresponsible or illegal.  The Principal will make determinations that uses are or are not consistent with the purposes of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School.  This policy may not be used to contradict canonical definitions of privacy or Christian charity.

Policy Compliance

This Acceptable Use Policy is a set of guidelines for using computers, network, electronic mail and the Internet. Unacceptable uses occurring on other networks are a violation of this Acceptable Use Policy.  The Policy applies to access gained on any property owned, leased or rented by Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School and does include all equipment in the custody of the School.

Students are responsible for their activities and for ensuring familiarity with this Acceptable Use Policy.  Should a violation of this policy occur, the individual who committed the violation is liable and will be subject to legal and/or disciplinary action.


General Principles for Use

Use of the computers, network, Internet and electronic mail must be consistent with the goals of acquiring or disseminating knowledge, encouraging collaboration and resource sharing, and fostering our mission within Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School.

  1. The computers, network, Internet and electronic mail access provided bySts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School are School resources, and use thereof is subject to the same expectations as other School resources.  The use of computers, networks, Internet and electronic mail is not intended for personal use.  Each individual with network, Internet and electronic mail access is responsible for controlling its use.
  2. No confidential or student, family, or parishioner information may be shared outside the Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School internal network.
  3. All civil laws concerning computers, networks, and personal conduct apply when using the computers, network, Internet and electronic mail.  Users are accountable for their conduct on the Internet and within electronic mail. The technology resources of the School are to be used as tools for learning, respecting the rights of other users, maintaining the security of network resources, preserving the integrity of data, and complying with all pertinent licensing and contractual agreements.  Established publishing policies, regulations, standards and guidelines used for traditional paper publishing are generally applicable to all forms of online publishing.  Web page and other online document publishers are responsible for the content of the pages they publish and are expected to abide by the highest standards of quality and responsibility.  The Principal must review all web page content before posted in a production status to the Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School web site.
  4. Responsible behavior includes common sense preventive measures such as, but not limited too: logging off when leaving the computer, checking all downloaded files for computer viruses, and reporting suspected or potential security violations to the Computer Instructor and/or Principal. 
  5. Information accessed through the Internet and electronic mail should be viewed as proprietary (i.e. subject to copyright laws, trademarks, etc.) unless specifically stated otherwise by the owners or holders of rights.
  6. The downloading of any software products or images via the internet or received in electronic mailsmay be subject to licensing and contractual agreements and no programs may be loaded on a computer without the prior written approval of the Computer Instructor/Principal. Distribution of software within or between staff or students or school families may be subject to more restrictive legal regulations; some companies have policies prohibiting the use of school owned software on non-school computers.
  7. Electronic mail messages may be considered school records and are therefore legally discoverable and subject to record retention policies.  With the growth and importance of electronic mail, all internal and external messages should be written in a professional manner consistent with writing formal letters that we print and mail out.  Note that electronic mails may also be used as evidence in legal proceedings and although deleted from your computer can be retrieved from your computer, the server and our Internet service provider’s computers for use in legal or school disciplinary actions.
  8. The content of files or services made available through the computers, servers, Internet and electronic mails are the responsibility of the persons creating the file and all such files become the property of the School and thus must be developed and distributed in a manner consistent with School norms and Christian charity.
  9. Users of the Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network may access other networks (and/or the computer systems attached to those networks).  Each network or system has its own set of policies and procedures. Actions allowed on one network may be forbidden on other networks.  It is the user's responsibility to abide by the policies and procedures of these other networks.
  10. The School network is a shared resource and users must be mindful of the impact activities have on network resources and other users.  For example, a user with a need to frequently move large files should consider scheduling this to occur during off-hours so as not to degrade network performance.  Also a virus one user brings in may shut down all other computers, a large file being electronic-mailed out may make it impossible to conduct normal business or an online chat session may make it impossible for users to access the internet.
  11. Users are to identify themselves clearly and accurately in all electronic communications.  Concealing or misrepresenting the School to mask irresponsible or offensive behavior is a serious abuse. Using identifiers of other individuals may constitute fraud.
  12. Users should be aware that commercial service providers, especially on the Internet, are not required to provide notification when fees are charged for services.  Incurring such fees is prohibited without the prior written approval of the Principal.
  13. Many web sites contain information that is illegal, immoral and not consistent with Catholic teaching and conduct. Offensive web sites must never be viewed by users of the School network for any reason what so ever.  As with electronic mail, when web sites are visited access logs are maintained on computers, the server and the Internet service provider’s computers. 
  14. In the event of suspected abuse, although information may have been deleted, legal authorities and the Principal may need to review the access logs of all users.  Since computers leave a log of viewed sites, never share passwords and log off the computer whenever leaving the work area.  If a student suspects accidental access or has received offensive material or that another individual has used a computer or computer password to do so, notify the Principal immediately.

Encouraged Uses

The Sts.  Joan of Arc & Patrick School network is a ministry tool intended to speed communications and help the effectiveness of delivering the mission of the School.  It is intended to reduce paper, postage, and labor costs related to printing, mailing, faxing, and use of courier services. It is an example of Christian stewardship to work competently and efficiently.  Following is a list of encouraged uses of our network:

  1. Word processing. The creation of documents, reports, spreadsheets, maps, worship aids, and print masters is a common use of computers. Documents and presentation materials can be shared over the network. 
  2. Electronic mail.  E-mail for a job related message is a common use of the Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network.  Many businesses and parishioners are now accessible via the Internet.  Private companies, staff, parishioners and non-profit organizations, will be able to conduct business with Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School via electronic mail.
  3. Legislation and Regulations.  The Sts.  Joan of Arc & Patrick School network will be useful for keeping informed about current trends in the Universal Church and Governmental news, policies and regulations that could impact the school.
  4. Research.  The Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network provides access to on-line information sources that provide current, specialized information useful to the school.  Such research must be for work related projects.
  5. Remote Access. The Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network will allow some users with appropriate passwords to connect with banks, publishing companies or other computer systems to run programs and use specialized databases.
  6. Technical Assistance.  The Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network can be useful in resolving technical problems with computer hardware and software and other equipment. TheSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network can be used to communicate with vendors, and get questions answered.  Many software manufacturers now provide free on-line access to software updates.
  7. File Transfers.  File transfer is a basic operation made possible by "inter-networking." The Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network and the Internet can move data and text files from one computer to another, from one company to another, or from one state or country to another. 
  8. Networking and Collaboration.  TheSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network and theInternet facilitate collaboration with other schools, our school families, the Lafayette offices, organizations and volunteer work groups/ministries about parish initiatives and projects of interest to Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School. 
  9. Business Support Services.  TheSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network and the Internet can be used for day-to-day business transactions with vendors and parishioners.

Unacceptable Uses

  1. The use of theSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School computers, network, Internet access or electronic mails for illegal or inappropriate purposes is prohibited.  Inappropriate uses are violations of the intended use of the network, as defined in this Policy.
  2. TheSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School network and Internet connectionsare not to be used for unauthorized access to any computer system, application or service.
  3. TheSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School computers, network and Internet tools are not for private purposes, commercial purposes, such as business transactions between individuals and/or commercial organizations, buying items/services for personal use, or to conduct personal affairs.
  4. It is not acceptable to use theSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School computers or network to interfere with or disrupt network users, services, or computers.  Disruptions include, but are not limited to, distribution of unsolicited advertising, and propagation of jokes or computer viruses.  Sending jokes and having non-school related contacts in your address book are the most common means that viruses are distributed. 
  5. It is not acceptable to use theSts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School computers, network or Internet access to engage in acts that are deliberately wasteful of computing resources or which unfairly monopolize resources to the exclusion of others.  These acts include, but are not limited to, broadcasting unsolicited electronic mailings, engaging in frequent lengthy online chats, playing music or radio/TV shows via the internet, creating unnecessary output or printouts, games, or creating unnecessary network traffic.
  6. It is not acceptable to use our computers or network to transmit messages that are not consistent with Church teaching, to view material that is immoral, illegal, inappropriate or not consistent with Catholic beliefs or teaching




Parent-Teacher Conferences are held at the end of the first nine-week period.  Students and parents may also schedule conferences with the teacher or principal via email or by contacting either school office.  It is expected that parents always discuss their concerns with the teacher prior to visiting the principal.  Please contact a teacher within twenty-four hours after an incident or concern has arisen so that the issue can be properly addressed.




Cosmetics are not to be worn by students in Kindergarten through grade 5.  Cosmetics may be allowed for students in grades 6 through 8 as long as it creates a natural look as determined by the teachers and principal.  Cosmetics that are brought to school may be held until the end of the day then returned to the student.  Repeated incidents of students bringing cosmetics to school will result in the product(s) being sent to the school office, parent called, and product given to the parent at the school office.                                                                   




Information in the cumulative record includes, but is not limited to the following:

            a) Parents’ or legal guardian names(s), address(es), phone number(s);

            b) Emergency phone numbers;

            c) Medical information (allergies, etc.) is maintained in its own folder;

            d) Baptism, First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation dates;

            e) Results of all standardized tests;

            f) Results of professional psychological tests maintained in a separate file;

            g) Academic grades for each school year;

            h) Attendance records;

            i) Date when student exits school;

            j) Graduation date.


Records are kept on school premises at all times and are open to school officials, authorized school personnel upon request, parent(s), guardian(s), or a case working agency upon request or court order per federal and state policies.  Student records are available and can be reviewed only on school premises by persons noted above.




Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick teachers develop lessons that utilize the Curriculum Guides developed by teachers under the guidance of the Pastoral Office for Education in the Diocese of Lafayette.  Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick’s curriculum meets and exceeds the Indiana State Standards.



The discipline process at Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School provides opportunity for student growth and development in the area of self-discipline.  The discipline sanction is commensurate with the offense and/or the repeated violation of the discipline criteria.  Teachers respect age appropriate procedures and have worked as a team to identify classroom and building expectations in regard to student behavior and academic performance. Disciplinary measures are taken when students behave in an unacceptable manner.


Inappropriate behavior includes:

            1)  Lack of reverence in church,

            2)  Lack of respect for others,

            3)  Repeated infraction of classroom rules,

            4)  Hallway, restroom, or playground disturbance,

            5)  An excessive number of tardy arrivals to class as determined by teacher and


            6)  Use of profane or inappropriate language,

            7)  Disruption

            8)  Arguing

            9)   Inappropriate lunchroom behavior,

            10) Using hands, feet or other objects in an inappropriate manner,

            11) Uniform violation



Inappropriate behavior or refusal to complete assignments at the classroom level will result in one or more of the following consequences:


  1. Verbal warning from the teacher
  2. Student relocated to reflection area
  3. Student reflects and identifies the virtue(s) that he or she has fell short in and identifies the person(s) harmed by his or her actions.
  4. Student creates a plan to correct the action including consequences.  Teacher works with child to finalize this plan.
  5. Plan is shared with family and principal
  6. If problem continues the principal, teacher, and family will work together to correct the behavior.


Students engaging in any of the following actions subject themselves to suspension or expulsion


            a) Reasonable cause of possible harm to another person such as the use of force,

                violence, noise, coercion, threat, intimidation, bomb threat,  fear, passive

                resistance, bullying, and/or behaviors interfering with school purposes or urging

               others to engage in such behaviors; 


            b) Occupying any school building, school grounds, or part thereof with intent to

                deprive others of its use;


            c) Blocking the entrance or exits of any school building corridor or room or

                depriving others of lawful access;                                      


            d) Setting fire to or substantially damaging school property or building;


            e) Possessing, handling, or transferring an object that could be considered to be

                a weapon or urging others to do so;


            f) Possessing, using, or transmitting any controlled or abused substance, such as a

                narcotic, alcoholic beverage, or mind-altering agent;


            g) Unlawful selling of a controlled or abused substance;


            h) Substantial number of instances disrupting classroom or educational functions,

                or meetings on school property;


i)  Continuously and intentionally making noise or acting in any manner as to disrupt

     the educational program;


            j) Stealing or attempting to steal school property or private property;


            k) Use of profane or inappropriate language;


            l) Intimidating any student with the intent of bodily harm or taking something of

                value from another person;


            m) Any activity interfering with the ability of a teacher to teach or any other

                 school personnel to conduct the educational function under one’s supervision;


            n) Repeated violation of any rules; 


            o) Engaging in unlawful activity on or off school grounds if it is considered to be

               an interference with school purposes or educational function;


            p) Harassment of others - the school is to be free of discrimination and

                inappropriate and unlawful harassment.  Actions, words, jokes, or comments

                based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion or person are

    inappropriate.  Differences among students and staff are to be respected and



q)  Persistent and/or serious behavior problems, which cannot be successfully



            r)  Aggressive/violent behavior toward others is unacceptable.  If students fight at

school, the students will be removed from classmates, the issue will be resolved, parents will be called.






  1. Students are expected to complete homework and school assignments.  For non-

            performance of assignments, the teacher, at his/her discretion, will arrange with a

            parent/guardian a before, after or Saturday school session that the parent may

             also have to attend.  


  1. If a child is sent home for behavioral reasons, the parent will be expected to confer with the teacher and/or the principal before the student may return to the classroom.  In the case of persistent, serious behavior problems the parent may be expected to spend the “return” day with the student.


 Students are provided substantive due process in discipline situations. 



The purpose of the Eighth Grade Trip is to strengthen spirituality, build teamwork among members of the eighth grade class, and reflect academic goals appropriate for Eighth Grade.  The Eighth Grade Trip is taken in the Spring Time of the students’ Eighth Grade year. It is expected that all Grade Eight students participate in the eighth grade trip.  A trip itinerary will be established by school staff that reflects trip goals of spirituality, building teamwork and academic goals. Fundraising opportunities will be provided members of the Eighth Grade Class to offset costs of the trip.  All Eighth Grade Trip fundraising opportunities must be approved by the Principal (see Fundraising section of the handbook).  Diocesan Best Practices will be observed during the Eighth Grade Trip in regard to overnight accommodations and adult student ratios.  While parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the Eighth Grade Trip, it is not an expectation that each student is accompanied by a parent/guardian. 


Students with repeated or severe discipline issues may not be allowed to participate in the class trip.


Families may begin to accrue for their child’s 8th grade trip starting in the 5th grade; the School Business Manager will maintain an accounting, by student and family name, and yearly remit notices to each family of the balance they have accrued for the 8th grade trip.  Families may begin to use “some or all”  portion of their SCRIP PROFIT share.  As such, the parents will be given the opportunity to decide, beginning with the 5th grade, as to what they intend to use of that year’s available scrip profit share—uniform purchases, and 8th grade trip.  The family would be allowed to allocate some or all of such Scrip profit share to these programs. 




All student-owned electronic equipment such as cell phones, MP3 Players, Games, IPods, IPads, etc. are to be placed in the electronic equipment container in each homeroom at the beginning of the school day.  At the end of the school day, the student will pick up all electronic equipment from the container.  If the policy is not followed, the below consequences will be enforced for all students:


1st Offense: Verbal warning, device taken from student, parent contacted to pick up device.

2nd Offense: Possible3 day suspension.

3rd Offense: Possible expulsion.


Another option is for the student to NOT bring any personally owned electronic devices to school.


All student-owned electronic are not to be brought to school unless special permission has been granted.  Electronic equipment brought to school will be forwarded by the teacher to the school office until the end of the day and then held at the school office for an adult family member to obtain.




Fire drills are held monthly.  The Fire Department conducts an annual fire drill during “Fire Prevention Week.”  Fire extinguishers are inspected regularly.  Faculty and all responsible persons in the building know the location of each fire extinguisher.  Lock down drills and storm drills are held as well.


EMERGENCY LOCKDOWNThe school administration may declare an emergency lockdown due to threatening conditions including but not limited to nearby criminal activity or threatening weather conditions. Students will not be allowed to leave the school while a lockdown is in effect. Parents may not be allowed to enter a school building or may not be allowed to leave with their child during an emergency lockdown.



Field trips are designed to supplement aspects of the classroom curriculum. A student must have a school issued permission slip signed by his/her parent/guardian to participate in school-sponsored trips of any kind.  If a parent wishes to deny permission for a specific field trip, the parent must notify the teacher.  Diocesan policy requires all volunteers to participate in Safe Conduct Protocol and sign the required paper. Parents/adults must abide by the deadlines for the forms.  To volunteer as a chaperone a parent must submit the appropriate form by the deadline.  Last minute registration and money cannot be accepted the day of the field trip. 


Chaperones are expected to abide by the rules established by the teachers and Safe Conduct Protocol. As a chaperone it is necessary to focus attention on the children assigned to the chaperone.  Younger siblings or other children are not allowed to attend field trips unless an exception has been expressly communicated by teachers in writing to all parents/guardians.


Chaperones should not take children into the gift shop or snack shops if the teacher has requested not to do so. With teacher permission, chaperones may purchase treats for all children but not just a small group.


Appropriate behavior is expected when students are on a field trip.  If a student disrespects others while participating in field trips, he/she may subject himself/herself to missing out on the next field trip.


The cost for students and chaperones participating in a school field trip will include the cost of the activity plus a proportionate cost of the bus driver fee and fuel according to the school’s financial policies. Fees paid for field trips are not refundable.

Students must ride the school bus to all field trip destinations. Parents who wish to have their child leave a field trip destination with the parent or other adult must submit a written request signed by the parent or guardian at least one day before the field trip.


Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School shall not utilize any organization or facility that is known to promote a philosophy or practices that are in opposition to Catholic teaching. 




The Principal shall approve and regulate all fundraising conducted in the name of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School.  All groups associated with Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School must be committed to first supporting the school as a whole, and secondarily, to their group or activity.

  • All fundraising efforts must honor the mission and values of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School
  • All activities must be approved by the school administration, including minimally, the Principal and/or the Director of Stewardship
  • All individuals active in raising funds for specific groups or activities are expected also to be actively involved in, and supportive of, fundraising for the school as a whole
  • Any proposal for a fundraising activity must be made in writing on the school’s “Fundraising Proposal Form”, which may also be obtained from the Principal or the Director of Stewardship
  • Activities whose scope extends beyond the school, i.e. parish and the general public, may require approvals from parish groups.  Such approvals should be sought jointly by the Principal or designee and the representative of the group seeking to raise funds
  • Reasonable time must be allowed for approval of proposals







Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School

Fundraising Activity Proposal


Contact Person Name:___________________________________________________________


Phone Number:___________________________________________________________________




Purpose for Raising Funds:________________________________________________________


Are other fundraising activities anticipated for the same purpose? __________________


Proposed Activity:________________________________________________________________




Proposed Time Frame (include start and end dates, any specific activity dates, etc.):






Expenses – please include the cost of any items to be purchased, upfront or overhead costs, any anticipated donated items, and the anticipated method of payment:______________________________________________________________________






Anticipated gross and net income:_______________________________________________





Target Audience (school students, school families, parish members, general public, etc.):____________________________________________________________________________



(If the audience extends beyond the school, approvals by the SJA and SP Pastoral or Finance councils may be required.)


How will this activity be advertised?__________________________________________________


Date received:______________                                                 Submitted by:_________________________ (REMOVE?)



Written reports are issued eight times a year for each student enrolled in the school.  Mid-term grades and report card grades represent a student’s performance in class on written and oral material, and regular teacher-made or teacher administered tests.  These reports allow for reporting of academic performance apart from evaluation of student behavior. The Student Evaluation Form/Report of Progress, coordinated with grade level academic standards, will be used to report a student’s academic/social and behavioral progress.  This form includes an area of assessment for social/behavior skills in addition to identifying necessary grade level skills in each subject area.


The following scale is used in determining letter grades for class work and quarterly reports:

                        A+    100         B+    91-93      C+    82-84      D+    73-74     

                        A       97-99     B      88-90      C      78-81      D      71-72

                        A-     94-96      B-    85-87       C-     75-77      D-     70

A special grading scale will be applied to eighth grade students enrolled in Algebra I for high school credit. Standard-based report cards are used in primary grades.




Graduation commencement exercises are dignified and simple.  A ceremony followed by a reception is held for Kindergarten during the last week of school.  Eighth Grade graduation includes an evening Mass followed by a reception.  .




Students are checked for head lice several times throughout the school year.  Head lice include both the live adult louse and louse eggs called “nits.”  When head lice and/or nits are found, parents are called, advised of procedures to follow at home to eliminate head lice, and students are sent home.  Students are not allowed to return to school until lice and nits are treated and removed.  Treatment and removal of nits should not take more than an afternoon/evening to fulfill.  A student absence of up to 2 school days is allowed for the family to treat head lice and remove all nits.  When the student returns to school, the student and parent/guardian report to the school office for a head check. Students may not ride the school bus until the follow up head check has occurred and the student has passed the head check.   Students are not allowed to have live adult insects or louse eggs called “nits” in the hair. 




The Indiana Department of Health requires periodic examination in the following areas:

            a) Visual acuity screening;

            b) Audiometer tests






Homework is intended to supplement, complement, and reinforce classroom teaching and learning. Homework can provide practice and drill that reinforces classroom learning and can provide opportunities for study, research, and creative thinking.  Students are expected to proofread written assignments.  Parents can best help their child by arranging a quiet, comfortable place to work and by seeing that assignments are completed and returned to school.  On-line resources are available for extra practice and/or explanation in multiple subject areas.


Teachers should work to ensure that homework does not exceed the recommended amount of approximately 10 minutes per grade level per evening. When more than one teacher is involved with instruction at a grade level, all the teachers will work together to ensure that this guideline is met.  Teachers will also work to provide students with “check in” benchmark points on major projects.  Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher if a student is consistently spending more than the recommended time.




A parent/guardian will be informed immediately when any one of the following events occur:

            a) Temperature of 100 degrees or higher,

            b) Severe abdominal pain;

            c) Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, if persistent;

d) Injury where there is swelling, severe pain, or visible evidence of sprain or broken bone;

            e) Injury where there is significant bleeding or if bleeding does not stop in a short

                period of time;

            f) Chipped or evulsed tooth;

            g) Eye injury or inflammation (conjunctivitis)

            h) Rash accompanied with fever;

            i)  Animal bite; additionally must be reported to proper authorities after emergency

                care has been given;

            j)  Burns;

            k) Head injury;

            l)  Poisoning;                                                                                                                                       m) Any problem about which there is concern.


Students should not return to school until they are symptom-free (fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc) for 24 hours. Students showing signs of illness may not be allowed to ride a route or shuttle bus













2016-2017 School Year

Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH)

School Immunization Requirements & Recommendations

Quick Reference Guide


3-5year olds





















Polio **












































Hepatitis B ***











Varicella  ~

































* Four doses of DtaP/DTP/DT are acceptable if the fourth dose was administered on or after the child’s fourth birthday.


**Three doses of polio vaccine are acceptable if 3rd dose administered on or after child’s fourth birthday and the three doses are all IPV or all OPV.


***Two dose alternative adolescent schedule Recombivax HB given at age 11-15 years x 2 doses) is acceptable if properly documented.


~Parental  written report of a child’s history of chickenpox is proof of immunity.  A signed statement from the parent/guardian indicating date(s) of disease is required.  A physician statement is NOT necessary.


Education material to be distributed:


All Grades: Meningococcal Disease Information        6th Grade (Parents of 6th grade girls): HPV letter/response form and FAQ sheet.   Completed response forms should be returned to the school.  The school will supply a summary of responses to ISDH.



 All lockers are considered school property. The school administration has the authority to search student lockers, bags and any other possessions on the campus or bus, or during a school-related activity.




Hot lunches, with a half-pint of milk, are served daily.  Students who bring their lunch from home may purchase milk.  Because we participate in the federal hot lunch program, students and guests may not bring carbonated beverages or fast food products for lunch.  All students are required to be served milk with a school lunch unless they are allergic to dairy products.  For a child to be exempted from taking milk at lunch, a doctor or other health official must document the child’s allergy in writing.


Student lunches cost $2.70 per day.  Extra milk costs $.50. For students at the SJA, parents may authorize the purchase of extra entrees for $.50 and pizza or calzone for $1.00.


Parents are asked to submit two weeks worth of payment or $25.00 on a regular basis for their child’s lunch.  Our program is computerized and notices are issued to parents as this figure becomes low. If a child’s account falls behind $20.00, a sack lunch must be brought from home.  If payment is not made, parents/guardians will be contacted by the school.  School lunch balances can be accessed on center (SIS).  If you have any questions about the school lunch program, call the St. Joan of Arc Building, 865-9960, and the secretaries can tell you the exact days that your child received the lunches and the amounts charged.  Students will be assessed a $5 fee for lost or destroyed lunch cards.  Any year end uncollectibles will be turned over to a collection agency.



Students attend Mass twice each week and on holy days of obligation while school is in session. All children are expected to attend Mass and maintain an attitude of reverence.  Students who do not attend Mass are counted as tardy for school.  Each grade participates in planning liturgies throughout the year.



Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School maintains a media/instructional/library center in each building. The media center includes collections of books, periodicals, audio-visual materials, computer materials, and other necessary equipment that conforms to the American Library Association Standards for media centers.  Book and periodical collections are available to students throughout the school day.  Audio-visual materials and equipment are available for classroom use. Curriculum enrichment materials appropriate for the needs of the school program and the age of the students are maintained.  A section of the school library is also reserved for teacher reference materials.


Utilization of the public library and bookmobile supplements school resources.



Parents must bring the medication a student requires during school hours to the school office. All medicines, both prescription and non-prescription must be dropped off by the parent, not the student, in the original bottle or container. Students should not bring medications on the bus. The principal’s designee will dispense the medication only upon written permission of the parent or written orders from the physician.  All medications are secured in a locked area. Students may not self-medicate.  At no time are students to give medication to each other. 


Parents are expected to notify a child’s teacher and office personnel and also specify on the blue emergency cards any allergies your child may have.  A doctor or other health official must provide documentation regarding a child’s allergy to milk, milk products, peanut, etc.  Any other significant health issue should also be reported and documented.



It is the policy of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School not to discriminate on the basis of sex, race, national origin, creed, faith, age, marital status or physical disability in its educational programs, activities, or employment policies as required by Title VI and VII of the 1964 Civil Rights act, Title IX of the 1972 Educational Amendments, and the Federal Rehabilitations Act of 1973.

It is also the policy of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School that the curriculum content and instructional materials utilized reflect the cultural and racial diversity present in the United States and the variety of careers, roles, and life styles open to women as well as men in our society. It shall be the intent of the school’s curriculum to: reduce stereotyping; eliminate bias, foster respect for; add an awareness of; the rights, duties, and responsibilities of each individual of our society on the basis of sex, race, ethnic origin, or physical disability.


All students are expected to participate in outdoor recess in grades K-5.  Students are expected to dress appropriately for cold weather by wearing hats, gloves or mittens, warm jackets and boots. Outdoor recess is held during the winter months unless the temperature or wind-chill factor is below 20 degrees or other factors are determined by school personnel to possibly cause health or safety concerns for students.  Student medical conditions that necessitate a child remain indoors must be documented by a physician.


Since recess is a time for physical activity and relaxed interaction with other students, students may not bring hand held electronic toys to play with at recess time.  Card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon are also not appropriate for outdoor recess.



Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is a ministry of its two sponsoring parishes. Active members of the parishes have a lower tuition rate due to their financial support and other contributions to and participation in the parishes. Families are expected to meet their Sunday Mass obligation and participate in parish activities to support their faith formation. Attendance at Mass is an important witness to all parish children and adults that regular participation in the sacraments is essential to our way of life as Catholics. This is to be demonstrated by giving a parish envelope in the offertory basket on a regular basis. Empty envelopes may be placed in the collection basket weekly if families utilize on-line giving or give monthly or bi-weekly.

Families who are not Catholic are expected to attend Mass or their own church services weekly to support their faith formation. Non-Catholic families and Catholic families who do not regularly meet their weekly Sunday Mass obligation or maintain their Active Parishioner status will pay the non-subsidized tuition rate. Special arrangements will be made for families who give monthly or online.  For those who attend both parishes, tithing information will be recorded at the home parish.



Student permanent records contain the documentation of the results of standardized tests, criterion reference tests, IREAD and ISTEP+ results.  In addition, cumulative records are maintained for health screenings, attendance and grade reports.




Religious education provides opportunities for information, formation, and transformation of the student.  A religion grade reflects the student’s knowledge of doctrine, principles, practice, and liturgy flowing from the Catholic message and not the quality of formation (while this is stressed) or transformation taking place in a student’s everyday behavior.  Students receive a grade in religion which reflects the mastery of information they have been presented.  This grade does not assess the student’s level of formation or transformation. Students’ active participation at Mass is expected and may be reflected in the religion grade as well. 




The religious education curriculum is aligned with the Catechism of the Catholic Church and consistent with the philosophy and goals established by the diocese.  Program content is developed according to the scope and sequence of the program in collaboration with the school staff, the pastors and the Pastoral Office for Formation.


The school follows the Curriculum Guide requirements, curriculum listings and guidelines approved by the Diocesan Coordinator of Catechesis in the selection of a basic textbook.


Work, worship and community service are components of catechetical ministry.  Therefore, a variety of experiences and opportunities for total spiritual development are at the center of the school.  Instruction is given in Catholic doctrine, Scripture, sacramental preparation, celebration of the liturgy, and observance of the liturgical season.  Instruction is given to the effect that action on behalf of justice is a constitutive dimension of the gospel. Instruction is given in accordance with the age and development of the students.


All students receive religious instruction as part of the academic curriculum of the school.

Sacramental preparations are integrated with parish-based programs.



The school calendar consists of 180 instructional days.  Snow days are worked into the calendar or added at the end of the year.  When planning for summer vacations, please keep this in mind.



  1. Fees can be paid by credit card, cash or check at the time of registration.  Tuition that is not paid at registration will be set up on automatic monthly withdrawals from a checking or savings account.  Withdrawals are normally made on the 10th and/or 25th of each month.  Tuition would be paid over a 9-month period beginning in September and ending in May, or paid over a 10-month period beginning in August and ending in May.
  2. Payment for fees is expected at the time of school registration in July.
  3. If tuition is paid in full at registration, a 1% discount on tuition can be taken.  The discount is available for payment by cash or check only.  No discount is allowed if payment is made by credit card.
  4. If payment is made by credit card, there will be a one-time charge of $25 and an additional 3% service charge.  The one-time charge and a recurring 3% service fee represent the cost the School pays to the bank whenever credit card transactions take place.
  5. There is an additional fee for students riding the bus to/from home, sitters, etc.  The fee is based on the number of students per family riding and whetherthe bus is used one-way or both ways.  The bus fee is figured on a 10-month basis.  This fee will also be included in your monthly withdrawal.  (STILL CORRECT?)
  6. A tuition statement will be sent at the end of each month to all families who have an email account.  Monthly invoice statements will be sent by mail to those families who have delinquent amounts due or who make the request for a home mailing.  Please be aware that this account is your responsibility whether you receive a statement or not.  Contact the business office if you have questions.
  7. Tuition must be kept current during the school year.  If tuition falls more than thirty (30) days in arrears, the student will not be allowed to return to school until the tuition is brought current or until other arrangements are approved by the School Principal and the School Business Manager.
  8. A $10fee will be charged, in addition to any bank fees charged to the school for the first time an Automatic Withdrawalor personal check does not clear your bank.  A $25 fee will be charged, in addition to any bank fees charged to the school, for the second time and each time thereafter.
  9. The published Active Parishioner tuition rate is only available to those families who are considered active. To be considered active, a family must be registered in the parish, attend Mass on a regular basisand support the parish through participation in at least one ministry or apostolate, It will be the responsibility of each parishioner family to use the weekly tithing envelope as evidence of their regular, and active, Mass attendance and of their commitment to be a good model of stewardship in the religious education formation of their children.  This weekly envelope should be used by all families whether they contribute once monthly, use either the ACH or credit card payment methods, or when a family is unable to financially contribute to the Parish for that week.
  10. To qualify for the Parish Discount, parents must complete the Parish Discount Application and it must be approved by the Pastor/Parish Administrator.
  11. Tuition assistance is also available to active parishioner families.  Requests for financial aid may be processed by FACTS.  Forms are available at both school offices and online at  Tuition assistance is also available through the Indiana “School Choice Scholarship” and “SGO Grants”.  Please contact the Business Manager for more information on how to apply.
  12. School fees are established by the School Finance Committee and approved by the School Governance Council prior to the Pre-School, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Roundup in mid-March.
  13. A $100, non-refundable, pre-registration fee is due and is mandatoryfrom each family to hold their spot for the 2016-2017academic year unless waived by the Business Manager. This fee will be credited to your tuition and fees account due the school and will be reflected on your invoice statement sent to you ahead of the July Registration.


SCRIP is the largest and most profitable fundraising activity at Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School. All families with students at STSJP are required to participate in the SCRIP program.

Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School financial policies require each family with an enrolled student to generate at least $175 in SCRIP profit for our school. Once a family has generated the required $175 in profits, any additional profits generated are shared equally by the school and the family. Families may claim their share as a credit toward the purchase of school uniforms through Land’s End for the next school year;  payment toward lunch or athletic fees. Beginning in fifth grade, families with 8th grade students may elect to apply all or part of their portion of the accumulated additional SCRIP profit toward the cost of the 8th grade trip. The cut-off date for accumulating profit to be used for trip costs during the 8th grade year will be set by the Business Manager once the trip dates are determined. Staff members do not qualify for the SCRIP profit sharing. The SCRIP year coincides with the school’s fiscal year, July 1 – June 30.


SHARE HOURS (Service Hours are Rewarding Experiences)

As a demonstration of commitment to service to the school community, all Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School parents give their time and talents to the school during the school year, in the SHARE Hours Program.

Opportunities for service include participation in school activities, assistance in the classrooms, web development, cafeteria, office and playgrounds, and assistance with the many development and fundraising efforts.

Participation in the SHARE Hours Program is highly encouraged. Each family is encouraged  to log in 30 SHARE Hours per school year.  The SHARE Hours Log Form may be obtained at either school office or may be downloaded as a PDF from the school website ( 


All adults interacting with students are required to complete Safe Conduct Protocol Training. Background checks may also be required.  Please contact the school office for more details.



When a child requires special education services, personnel from Kokomo-Center School Corporation, Western School Corporation or the “home” school corporation of the student provide the service.


Testing is used to diagnose student eligibility for the following:  Learning Disabilities,

Communication Disability (speech), Visually Handicapped, Psychological, and Other Health Impaired.


Initial contact begins with the teacher when there is a concern.  A variety of interventions is used for the student to be successful.  If these interventions are used and the student continues to struggle, teachers/parents may request forms from the principal to initiate the testing process.  All contact with Kokomo-Center and Western School Corporation is initiated through the principal’s office.


After testing is completed the results are shared with the parent/guardian, teacher, child

(if appropriate), principal, and any special area teachers to determine proper placement to meet the child’s needs in a case-conference.  Parents are provided copies of all test results and recommendations resulting from the discussion held at the Case






A teacher may tutor students for a fee, but not students who are members of the teacher’s present class assignment and not during contract hours.



Textbook selection is the responsibility of the school based upon recommendations from the Catholic Schools Department using the approved list of textbooks from the Indiana Department of Education.  Each textbook selected is aligned with the diocesan Curriculum Guide and not counter to Catholic, Christian teachings to which Catholic schools are committed. 



Toys should not be brought to school unless they have prior permission from a teacher or administrator. Athletic and play equipment is provided for recess periods. The school is not responsible for loss or damage to toys brought to school.



Tuition is paid by parents/guardians of students at Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School.  Parents/guardians with questions or in need of tuition assistance should contact the Business Manager of the school who is located at the St. Joan of Arc campus. 


Tuition accounts that are past due must be paid or arrangements made before your child can be enrolled in the fall semester.  School loans are available through the FACTS.  Information is available from the school business manager. We do not want to lose any students because of financial constraints but it is a matter of justice that all parents meet their financial obligations in regard to their child’s education.



Because a child’s first and most important teacher is his/her family, it is the policy of

Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School that all families receiving the Active Parishioner rate support their local parish.  This is accomplished through regular Mass attendance, financial support of the parish and participation in the parish ministries.  Whenever a decision needs to be made regarding the allocation of classroom slots and/or the application of the Active Parishioner rate, the Principal and Admissions Committee will use these criteria to make their decision.






Kindergarten through Eighth Grade


Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School views the education and formation of its students as its most important task.  All aspects of school life must support this task. Therefore, the school requires students to dress in a manner that contributes to the creation of a Catholic-Christian learning environment.  Our uniform policy helps create an atmosphere that builds on personal discipline and equality.  The Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School Uniform Policy also allows our students to be recognized as members of our community who actively demonstrate the values inherent in our school mission.  Students are expected to conduct themselves as ambassadors representing Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School. Therefore, the following uniform policy will be enforced.



v  All clothing must be purchased through Land’s End, the exclusive uniform supplier of Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School.  *Note:  Logo USA is no longer a uniform provider for STSJP.  However, students may continue to wear previously purchased items from Logo USA.


v  All clothing is to be free of holes, rips or major stains.


v  Shirts must remain tucked in.


v  Coats, hats and non-uniform sweatshirts or sweaters are not to be worn in Church or the classroom.  If a student is cold, he/she should wear the uniform fleece, sweatshirt or cardigan sweater.


v  Enforcement of the uniform policy is managed by the principal and teachers. Parents will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing if a student’s attire violates the uniform policy.


v  Any questions or concerns about the uniform policy will be addressed by the principal.



Shirts:              Logo USA*/Land’s End short or long-sleeved blue or white polo shirt or white oxford shirt with Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School logo. Any shirts worn under dress code shirts must be white with sleeves that do not exceed uniform policy shirt sleeve. Shirt collar must be visible.


Pants:               Logo USA*/Land’s End black pants with the STSJP monogram on the left pocket.


Shorts:             Logo USA*/Land’s End shorts with the STSJP monogram on the left pocket are permitted April through October only, unless conditions warrant, which will be determined by the school administration.


Optional Outerwear:    Logo USA*/Land’s End blue crewneck sweatshirt or blue fleece with school logo.  Land’s End Zip-front Drifter Black Cardigan Sweater.


Belt:                 Solid or braided black belt with simple buckle and no embellishments


Socks:              White or black matching socks. 


Shoes:              No light-up shoes or “Heelys.”   Dress shoes may have buckles. Shoes must have backs; heels may be no higher than 1 inch.  Shoe laces must be tied.  Boots may be worn when weather warrants but must be removed before class.  Pants may not be tucked into boots.  No shoes with holes (this includes the Croc-style shoe).


Jewelry:           Watches only. No earrings.  Necklaces may be worn inside the shirt.


Hair:                Hair must be kept clean, neat and combed.  Hair length does not fall over the collar or ears, or below the eyebrows.  Hair should be a natural color.  No Mohawks or other extreme hair styles.  Facial hair is not allowed.



Shirts:              Logo USA*/Land’s End short or long-sleeved blue, or white polo shirt, white peter pan collar shirt or white oxford shirt with Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School logo.  Any shirts worn under uniform shirts must be white with sleeves that do not exceed uniform policy shirt sleeve. Shirt collar must be visible.


Pants:               Logo USA*/Land’s End black pants with the STSJP monogram on the left pocket.


Shorts:             Logo USA*/Land’s End black shorts with the STSJP monogram on the left pocket are permitted April through October only, unless conditions warrant, which will be determined by the school administration.


Skort or Skirt:  Logo USA*/Land’s End black or plaid skort for grades K-8.  Logo USA* plaid kick pleat skirt for grades K-8.


Jumper:            Logo USA* or Land’s End plaid jumper.


Belt:                 Solid or braided black belt with simple buckle and no embellishments.


Optional Outerwear:  Logo USA*/Land’s End blue crewneck sweatshirt or blue fleece with school logo.  Land’s End Zip-front Drifter Black Cardigan Sweater.



Socks:              Solid-colored white or black matching socks, tights or knee socks. It is acceptable to wear lace trimmed fold down socks as long as they) are black or white matching.  During the months of November through March solid-colored white or black tights must be worn with the skirt, skort, or jumper at all times.  No knee socks during those months.


Shoes:              No light-up shoes or “Heelys.” Dress shoes may have buckles. Shoes must have backs; heels may be no higher than 1 inch.  Shoe laces must be tied.  Boots may be worn when weather warrants but must be removed before class.  Pants may not be tucked into boots.  No shoes with holes (this includes the Croc-style shoe).


Jewelry:           Watches only.  Necklaces may be worn inside the shirt.  Stud earrings only.


Hair:                Hair must be kept clean, neat and combed. Hair should be a natural color. Hair should not hang over the eyes No extreme hair styles.  “Bangs” do not fall below the eyebrows. 



Logo USA*/Land’s End Gym Uniform is required for students in Grades Three through Eight.


Students serving at school Masses must follow the parish guidelines for servers.



Non-Uniform Days/Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten


  • No spaghetti strap shirts or dresses
  • Shoes must have backs. No heels higher than 1 inch. No sandals flip flops, crocs or boots.
  • Boots may be worn to school when weather warrants but must be removed and replaced with shoes before entering the classroom.
  • No skull and cross bone designs
  • No clothing with passages, words or images contrary to our mission, vision, and goals
  • Clothing free of rips, tears, stains, holes


Spirit Day


Only Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School spiritwear, team and school  activity shirts. Saints athletic jerseys, parish and community activity shirts may not be worn with uniform shorts or pants unless special permission is given from the administration for those days.




Consequences of Uniform Policy Non-Compliance


Appropriate Apparel Ordered Through Logo USA/Land’s End

Families new to Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School must provide the school evidence that they have ordered uniform apparel within five days of the date of enrollment. 


Students who have attended Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School are expected to be in compliance with the uniform policy by having apparel obtained through Land’s End.  If the student is not in compliance with the uniform policy by wearing clothing obtained through Logo USA or Land’s End, the family is contacted immediately and has 24 hours to provide evidence that uniform policy clothing from Land’s End has been ordered. 


Non-compliance with the uniform policy by not providing evidence that apparel has been ordered through Land’s End within the timeliness stated will result in the student(s) withdrawal from Sts.  Joan of Arc & Patrick School.


Uniform Policy enforcement procedures:


            Within a school day:

Step 1:  Verbal warning by teachers or principal

 Student has an opportunity to correct the issue

 Home room teacher is informed that Step 1 is in effect



Step 2:  Student is sent to the principal

             Student has an opportunity to correct the issue

 Homeroom teacher is informed that Step 2 is in effect.


            Step 3:  Student calls parent and is sent home

 Homeroom teacher is informed that Step 3 is in effect


If issues continue within a week suggesting that the student is being defiant then a school suspension may be imposed.



Students wearing shoes not in compliance with the uniform policy will call the parent to bring in shoes in compliance with the uniform policy immediately.


Apparel with Messages/Pictures/Designs Not in Compliance With Uniform Policy

Student(s) wearing apparel with messages/pictures/designs not in compliance with the uniform policy must remove the item immediately.  Item(s) will be stored at the school office for parents to obtain at their earliest convenience.                   


Teachers and Principal are expected to enforce the uniform policy consistently.


VACATION TAKEN DURING SCHOOL YEARIf a student misses school due to family travel, teachers are not expected to prepare lessons or homework in advance. Families may look at teacher websites to monitor missed work. Students will be expected to make up all missed work with one make-up day for each day missed. For extended vacations during the school year, please see form in school office.


VIDEO POLICYG-rated movies and shows may be shown to all students. At times, teachers may elect to show all or parts of videos with a more restrictive rating. Parents of Middle School students may sign a blanket permission slip allowing their child to view these videos, or may choose to consider them on an individual basis. For all other grades, parents will be informed in writing if a teacher wishes to show a video with a more restrictive rating. Parents who do not wish to have their child view the video may inform the teacher in writing and an alternative academic activity will be provided.





Sts. Joan of Arc & Patrick School is open to visits by both parents and organization representatives. All visitors are required to register in the kiosk area at the St. Joan of Arc campus and/or the school office upon arrival at and departure from the school.  Visits should be scheduled with the classroom teacher in advance.  Visitors may be required to complete Safe Conduct Protocol.



All volunteers are required to complete the “Safe Conduct Protocol” program sponsored by the Diocese as well as the diocesan Safe Conduct Protocol for volunteers.  If you are going to volunteer in any capacity, please call the school office for the date of the training and protocol program.



Students are prohibited from carrying or possessing weapons of any kind. State law prohibits firearms on campus except those carried by active law enforcement officers and authorized personnel.







July 2016


To:  All Parents, Legal Guardians, Staff, Teachers, etc.


A comprehensive building inspection was completed by ATC Associates during the summer of 2007.  On November 14, 2007 St. Patrick Church received a report from the company.  As per the report, there are currently no accessible asbestos containing materials in the St. Patrick School building.  Following this comprehensive test, and in accordance with the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, no further tests are needed.


The St. Joan of Arc Building was built after the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act was enacted and does not need to be inspected for asbestos.








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